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Register Living Cookbook

Jogos casino online, You will need the following information to register Living Cookbook 2021, 2021, 2021 or 2021:

  • Your Living Cookbook product key. Living Cookbook 2021 product keys begin with "LC15" followed by four groups of four numbers and letters separated by dashes. Living Cookbook 2021 product keys begin with "LC08". You can find your product key in the e-mail you received from Radium Technologies shortly after you purchased Living Cookbook.
  • Your computer key. Your computer key is a sequence of 12 numbers and letters. It does not uniquely identify your computer but it does help the license server determine which of your computers you are registering. You can get your computer key by selecting Get Computer Key from Living Cookbook's Help menu.
  • If you are registering an upgrade license you will also need the product key (or serial number and license key if upgrading from LC 2021 or LC 2021) of the product you are upgrading.

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Note: You can also register from within Living Cookbook if your computer is connected to the Internet. Registering from within Living Cookbook is easier and faster.