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Recipe Organizer Dlx
The Cook's Palate
Recipe Management
Copy recipes from the Internet
One-click download of Internet recipes
Automatically organize downloaded recipes into chapters
Import recipes from Meal-Master and MasterCook
Import recipes from Big Oven
Import recipes from Cook'n
Calculate recipe nutrition
Recipe nutrition graphs
Share recipes with other users
Export recipes as HTML
Include images, videos and attachments in export files
Scale recipes
Convert recipe units
Add images to recipes
Add multiple images to a recipe
Add images to recipe procedures
Scan images directly into the software
Add media (audio or video) to recipes
Add media (audio or video) to recipes
Add file attachments to recipes
Organize recipes into folders and subfolders
Enter recipe reviews and ratings
Advanced recipe searches with "and" and "or"
Share searches with other users
Flag recipes as favorite
E-mail recipes from within the software
Customizable recipe displays
View nutrition for each recipe ingredient
Calculate recipe costs
Automatically eliminate duplicate recipes
Recipe spell checker
As-you-type spell checking
User-defined recipe attributes
Undo and redo recipe additions, changes and deletions
Copy and paste recipes, chapters and cookbooks
Meal Planning
View daily, weekly and monthly meal plans
View meal and day total nutrition
Calculate meal costs
Share meal plans with other users
Move and copy meal items
Add an entire meal plan to a grocery list
Search meal plan by day, meal and meal item
Menu Management
Calculate menu nutrition
Scale menus
Share menus with other users
Calculate menu costs
Add images to menus
Add media (audio or video) to menus
Add file attachments to menus
User-defined menu attributes
Menu search
Ingredient Management
Create new ingredients
Add images to ingredients
Add file attachments to ingredients
Add any number custom measures to ingredients
Import USDA nutrition updates
Share ingredients with other users
Enter multiple prices for an ingredient
User-defined ingredient attributes
Ingredient search
Cooking Reference
Searchable library of cooking techniques
Add images to cooking techniques
Add media (audio and video) to techniques
Add file attachments to techniques
Searchable cooking glossary
Add images to glossary items
Add file attachments to glossary items
Share reference information with other users
Technique and glossary item search search
Create an unlimited number of grocery lists
Create grocery lists from meals, menus or recipes
Calculate grocery list cost
Group grocery lists by grocery aisles
Share store and ingredient pricing data with other users
Create grocery lists involving multiple stores
Inventory (Pantry)
Track what you have on hand
Determine what you can make with what you have on hand
Create a grocery list to restock inventory
Deduct on-hand items from grocery lists
Share inventory data with other users
Inventory item search
Publish cookbooks in Microsoft Word
Create user-defined cookbook formats
Print recipes on index cards
Password-protect recipe database
Unit converter tool
Backup application database
Compact application database
Database of cooking web sites
Database of cooking RSS feeds
Built-in support for pen scanners
Help and Support
Illustrated online help
Searchable help with index
Animated training tutorials