Kitchen Inventory

Record what you have on hand and automatically create grocery lists to restock your pantry.

Grocery Lists

Create grocery lists for recipes, menus and meal plans, organized by grocery aisle

Reference Library

Maintain your own library of cooking techniques and cooking terms with images and videos.

Search Tools

Use Living Cookbook's powerful search and filter tools to help you find the perfect recipe.

Your Recipes - Your Way

Living Cookbook offers unrivalled flexibility when it comes to entering recipes. In addition to recipe ingredients and procedure steps you can add images, videos, attachments, tips, author notes, reviews and custom data fields.

Living Cookbook offers similar flexibility when it comes to displaying and printing recipes. You can use your favorite fonts and colors, change the order of the recipe elements, customize the nutrition layout and more. And you can print on any size paper supported by your printer. casino en ligne

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Living Cookbook 2024 Online Services

Living Cookbook 2024 has taken recipe sharing and cookbook collaboration to a whole new level. You can use a Facebook-style news feed to share recipes with other Living Cookbook users. You can synchronize multiple copies of Living Cookbook. And you can collaborate online with friends and family to create cookbooks. préstamos rápidos

Over the years we have seen some amazing user recipe collections. The recipes are carefully crafted, the photographs are stunning and the overall quality and attention to detail is worthy of the best cookbooks. Every time we see one of these collections we think "we need to make it easier for users to share these recipes with their friends." We can already e-mail and export recipes but it involves multiple steps by both the sender and receiver. we wanted to make sharing a single click (or as few as possible) process on both ends. Living Cookbook 2024 does that and turns the sharing process into a conversation. demo slots

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There are two collaboration scenarios that we wanted to address. The first, and most obvious, is fundraising cookbooks. Lots of schools, churches, non-profits, etc. use Living Cookbook to create their fundraising cookbooks. If the cookbook involves multiple contributors, the task of importing, exporting and editing multiple recipes from multiple sources can be cumbersome. We wanted to make it much easier and intuitive. In Living Cookbook 2024 the cookbook owner (usually the cookbook's editor) shares the cookbook with the contributors. The contributors add and edit their respective recipes. The editor reviews the submissions and exports the final draft. All of this happens without any imports, exports or e-mails. And all changes are immediate since everyone is working with the same online version of the cookbook.

The second collaboration scenario is heirloom recipes or family favorites. What we want to be able to is make it easy to share a read-only copy of recipe collections so friends and family can view, print or copy all of the recipes in the collection and any new ones as they are added. Living Cookbook 2024 makes this really easy.

A number of Living Cookbook users have multiple homes (e.g. a primary residence and a vacation home) or they have multiple computers in the same house but no network. In both cases the users want to keep their recipe collections in synch. Currently this is done using backup and restore (i.e. backup your collection on one computer and then restore the backup file on the other computer). In Living Cookbook 2024 you achieve the same result by connecting the various copies of Living Cookbook to the same online account. The web service will take care of keeping everything in synch. In other words you can add and edit recipes in multiple locations and the changed recipes will be replicated to your other instances of Living Cookbook. juegos tragamonedas

OCA's (occasionally connected applications) are a class of software applications that store their primary data locally (i.e. on your hard drive) and use the Internet for sharing and synchronizing data. Many Living Cookbook users have unreliable Internet connections or they take their computers to locations with no Internet (e.g. sailboats, hunting cabins, etc.) so it was important that Living Cookbook 2024's primary storage remain on the local hard drive. We also wanted to make Living Cookbook 2024 resilient in the sense that both the desktop and web databases be left in a valid state if synchronization were interrupted for any reason (e.g. user cancelled the synchronization process, user walked out of wi-fi range with their laptop, Internet router stopped working, etc.). And even if there is some sort of problem (e.g. you accidentally delete a cookbook and the deletion is replicated to the web database), you can always restore a backup file and sync everything up again.

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  • I have been avidly waiting for an update to Living Cookbook 2024. The wait was worth it. This new version is fantastic. Importing recipes, planning menus, controlling my standard inventory items and creating grocery lists from recipes work seamlessly. Being able to manage my growing recipes collection was the reason I selected Living Cookbook back in 2024. The ability to scale the recipes for my husband and I resulted in substantial weight loss for both of us. I can’t say enough about how great this software package has been to use. Online Casino

    Diana M. - Living Cookbook user
  • Anyone who has dietary issues should run all of their recipes through Living Cookbook, taking time to link all ingredients, and see what it comes up with. I guarantee one thing, you will become very aware of your food and will begin to find ways to “revitalize” your favorite recipes. I have been fortunate to see major innovations that have drastically changed diabetics lives… one is the glucometer, two is the insulin pump… and the Living Cookbook should be #3, as the carb counts are spot on for my insulin pump.

    Allen P. - Living Cookbook user
  • I was looking through some of my old cooking magazines and found some recipes I wanted to keep but I really didn't want to have to type them all into the computer. I went into Living Cookbook, typed in the recipe name and was able to bring up the recipe and download it. What a timesaver plus I got the picture to go along with the recipe. I have been using the Living cookbook for years but this is the best edition yet. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.

    Judy M. - Living Cookbook user
  • Folks, I just moved my Living Cookbook software from my old 2024 Dell XP to my new HP Windows 7, and it was so easy, thanks to the extreme care you take to provide detailed info on your website, and to make things work as promised. I wish every software company were as well-run as yours. To be honest, I think you could charge a little more. IMHO, your software is worth two to three times what you are charging.

    Jennifer H. - Living Cookbook user
  • I think Living Cookbook is the best recipe application available today. As a professional software developer myself I can see the time and effort that went into this product. Their development team has been very responsive to any issues I've encountered and their support staff has been top notch. The new 2024 version includes web technologies that will allow for future features such as mobile apps, etc. I would rate Living Cookbook and Radium Technologies A+. juegos tragamonedas

    Mark G. - Living Cookbook user
  • Best of the best! This should be the software by which all other recipe software is measured. It's standard Windows-type format makes it a snap to learn, and the options you have with this program are unbelievable, especially for the low price! Cannot recommend too highly!

  • The best Recipe Software around. I checked out other cookbook software and settled on Living Cookbook. The cost is very reasonable. Have been using for 18 months now & am not disappointed. There are many more features than I need. There are a few improvement I would like to see but there is a good chance that they will be included one day as the program is regularly updated taking account of user's requests. What I most like is that the developer is very responsive. Points raised in the forums (fora?) are almost aways answered in detail within a very short period. More than that it is usually the owner/developer not some customer service person - who knows where - so one can be sure that the answer makes sense.

  • The best recipe software available. I've used living cookbook for a couple of years and it outperforms every other recipe package I've used. It greatly simplifies capturing "internet" recipes. I recommend this software to everyone who cooks. This software is critical to my catering business.

  • Great and flexible software! This is a great piece of software. I reviewed several before I tried this one, and it is the best. Entering recipes is easy, and the nutritional analysis is great. I especially like how simple multiplying or dividing a recipe is, and the cloning feature makes it easy to set up a base recipe and then create numerous variations without having to enter everything all over again. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who collects recipes, or is watching their nutrition.

  • Excellent! I love this cookbook and recommend to everyone.

  • Best one so far. I've collected recipes for over 20 years and this is the best so far. My prior collection was done using Sierras MasterCook Series and while ok, it did not do the job I wanted especially in the printing area. Customer Service in problem solving is supurb. This is the only place that would take an old database and transform it into a compatible database for the upgraded program and in under 24 hours. The upgrade cost for a new disk was only $5.00 incl shipping and handling. I have had this upgrade on this machine for less than 3 days and so far my tests have proved positive.

  • AWESOME!!! Great program for publishing cookbooks. Have used it for over a year and published 5 cookbooks. Worth much more than the small cost of this software!'s most popular recipe software    Download Now


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Living Cookbook has taken recipe sharing and cookbook collaboration nät casino to a whole new level. You can use a Facebook-style news feed to share recipes with other Living casino en español Cookbook users. You can synchronize multiple copies of Living Cookbook. And you can machine à sous mobile collaborate online with friends and family to create cookbooks.