Version History

The current production version of Living Cookbook 2024 is v5.0.85.

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The following defects were fixed in v5.0.85:

  • Error updating recipe on hand.
  • Ingredient prices not updated properly when changed in the Shopping tab.
  • Error displaying ingredient nutrition data in summary mode.
  • Error using the Move/Copy grocery list items to copy grocery list items to another grocery list.
  • Add option in Tools -> Options -> Shutdown to disable compact database on close.

The following defects were fixed in v5.0.76:

  • Error displaying other nutrients in the new ingredient wizard.
  • Error applying defaults to item views.
  • Error deleting a recipe in the Eliminate Duplicate Recipes window.
  • Recipe nutrition not updated after recipe ingredient quantity change.
  • Error adding meals to the Export Items wizard.

The following defects were fixed in v5.0.72:

  • Error right-clicking on a recipe ingredient quantity in the Edit Recipe window.
  • Error removing a recipe from a grocery list.
  • Error copying default store.
  • Extra images deleted when deleting orphaned images.
  • Verify backup fails when database folder not found.

The following defects were fixed in v5.0.64:

  • Error adding a meal to a grocery list.
  • Error synchronizing a chapter with an invalid cookbook ID.

The following defects were fixed in v5.0.61:

  • Error displaying a grocery list when Windows data format is non-standard
  • Error running build upgrade on Windows 8.1
  • Error saving a technique image

The following defects were fixed in v5.0.58:

  • Error saving an image from an imported cookbook.

First GA release of Living Cookbook 2024.